Change Management & Training

Change Management

Change management is an organizational process aimed at helping change stakeholders to accept and embrace changes in their environment. In a Google Apps for Work Deployment Project context, change management refers to the management process wherein changes from a legacy Email Messaging & Collaboration solution to Google Apps for Work is formally introduced and approved.

At BC Cloud Solutions, we use industry standard and best practice Change Management structures and tools to control our client's organizational change effort. The goal is to maximize benefits and minimize the change impacts on workers and avoid distractions.

Tools or components of change management include:

  • Change management process
  • Readiness assessments
  • Communication and communication planning
  • Coaching and manager training for change management
  • Training and employee training development
  • Sponsor activities and sponsor roadmaps
  • Resistance management
  • Data collection, feedback analysis and corrective action
  • Celebrating and recognizing success

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Google Apps for Work Change Management
Break the Resistance, with Expert Guidance through Cloud Transformation

Implementation of a new messaging and collaboration system may be the most significant technology transformation an organization undertakes, affecting people and processes across every function. Transformation of this magnitude represents a unique opportunity for management to energize the enterprise, instill new skills and best practices, empower the user community, drive individual and group innovation and lead the market.

Supported by BC Cloud Solutions expertly crafted change management program, implementation of the Google Apps productivity suite is a dynamic catalyst for growth.

Drawing on our Google Apps for Work Deployment experience, the BC Cloud Solutions change management team has created a rigorous approach that combines its specific Google Apps knowledge with current change management methodology. Services include Sponsorship, Communication and Readiness activities that are designed to help ensure faster adoption, greater utilization and higher end user proficiency.

Specific deliverables can include:

  • Audience Analysis: Identify key constituents within your organization and leverage the information to ensure a successful deployment
  • Sponsorship Plans: Build and encourage leadership alignment around a single vision
  • Communication Plans: Drive awareness and ensure early, rapid adoption
  • Change Measurement Plans: Provide visibility into effectiveness and impact of change activities
  • Training Plans: Deliver the appropriate training solutions to diverse audiences

Google Apps for Work Training
Empower your users – Training is a wise investment

You’ve just provided your organization with a solution that can make them more productive. Now what? Many users struggle to adopt new technologies when training and change management is not provided alongside the deployment or implementation. When users do not understand and embrace new solutions, negativity around the implementation can grow. BC Cloud Solutions ensures that your end-users— from interns to CEOs— are able to leverage your new solutions to help themselves (and the company at large!) succeed.

Training your employees empowers them to take full advantage of the productivity and collaboration tools within Google Apps for Work. BC Cloud Solutions wants to empower your people and provide the knowledge they need to use Google Apps for Work more productively. We strongly believe that if you train and empower your employees, they will embrace positive change more easily, and start to work Smarter, Better & Faster. Going Google and providing the right training will pay dividends in improving your business over time.

BC Cloud Solutions training and change management services ensure a smooth, disruption-free transition and are designed to maximize workforce adoption, utilization and proficiency. Our training is based on current adult learning methodologies to deliver relevant and engaging training. View our full course catalog and note that the services outlined can be combined to create the training solution that best meets the needs of your organization.

Everyone needs a little extra help

We appreciate that everyone has different skills and learning speeds and styles. Some of your employees will need very little help, others may need more. So BC Cloud Solutions provides Google Apps for Work Training solutions tailored to your business and employees, to ensure you get the most out of Google Apps. We can tailor your Google Apps for Work Training solution, to include self paced online training, one2one training, or on-site training, all to suit your employees needs, and to suit your budget.

BC Cloud Solutions Google Apps for Work Training Services


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All offerings are customizable to:

  • Incorporate your organization’s standards and configuration settings
  • Provide training applicable to your workforce’s needs
  • Focus on what’s relevant to your organization and industry


Moving to Google Apps can save your business money, improve and simplify your IT management. It’s key benefits are realised when your employees are empowered to use powerful Google applications that can help resolve bottlenecks in workflows and processes, and help your business work smarter.

BC Cloud Solutions can help provide the right training program and resources to evolve your IT, empower your people, and help your business grow.

Please feel free to Contact us using contact form or Call us for a no obligation discussion on finding the Google Apps for Work Training solutions that are right for your business.

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BC Cloud Solutions user-type-specific Chromebook training programs.

  • Administrator Training
  • Help Desk Support Training
  • DIY Online Learning Center
  • End-User Training


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