Cloud Cyber Security and Compliance

Businesses increasingly want to access their company data and documents via the web at all times, regardless of location and on any device with a browser. As a result, interest in the concepts of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service has exploded. But this has also led to increased scrutiny of the security of the products and services offered via the cloud and provoked much discussion around data ownership and protection.

For many organizations, the cloud computing model, may contribute to the improvement of the existing security procedures as the level of investment possible for vendors such as Google greatly exceeds that of most commercial or public sector organisations.

BC Cloud Solutions has a strong heritage in Enterprise Security and can complement Google's standard security mechanisms with additional tools and processes to provide greater operational control and reporting.

Additional resources below include documentation on Google's security processes and tools for Single Sign On and Security reporting.

Google Apps for Work compliance with industry security and privacy standards is certified by official authorities. These include SAS 70 Type II certification, the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor agreements and ISO 27001.

Google's security procedures encompass the following three chief components:


Google employs a data security team comprising of the foremost international experts in the fields of information, application and network security. This team operates around the clock. It is responsible for the implemented on-site security systems, the assimilated security infrastructure of Google installations, the security of the company’s premises, as well as the development, documentation and implementation of Google security guidelines and standards.


Security is at the heart of every Google application, from its very inception. Google applications undergo several complex security audits within the framework of the Secure Code development process. The development environment for applications is strictly screened and thoroughly monitored in order to guarantee maximum security. In addition, external service providers perform regular detailed security audits of the processes in order to be able to rule out the possibility of security risks. In this way the system’s running performance is not impaired and the clients’ data is not disclosed.


Google Apps encrypts and distributes data in individual sequences to a multitude of servers and data storage media. This system guarantees that the individual data segments may not be stored contiguously, thereby preventing external parties or groups from assembling the data segments or decoding them. The system distributes file names randomly and this means that it is not possible to generate a file list of every client and that the individual data segments are not decipherable and can’t be reconstituted. The data is replicated over several data processing centers, whereby redundancy and constant availability are safeguarded. In order to minimize further security risks, each Google server is specially configured according to its individual function and exclusively equipped with the software components necessary for that purpose. The homogenous server architecture enables rapid updating and configuration changes over the entire network when the need arises.

BC Cloud Solutions offers both Cloud Computing (SaaS) and on-premise Web and Email Security solutions, helping you with:

  • Avoiding malware infection by viruses and spyware
  • Spam protection
  • Raising productivity
  • Control of confidential data and preventing data loss
  • Encryption and data security
  • Filtering pornography and offensive content
  • Reducing legal liability exposure
  • Achieving regulatory or audit compliance