Cloud Deployment

Comprehensive Google Apps for Work Set Up, Deployment, Change Management, Training and Support Services

BC Cloud Solutions has successfully deployed and migrated numerous businesses and organizations form Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, Zimbra and other messaging and calendar systems to Google Apps for Work.

BC Cloud Solutions is best qualified to deliver a successful migration because of the substantial experience we have in implementing Messaging, Collaboration and Security solutions. We bring unique integration capabilities to a Google Apps for Work Deployment project. This combination of talent will insure an on time, on budget migration to Google Apps.

Our integration credentials include:

  • Google Apps migration expertise via a dedicated team of migration experts who are Google certified deployment specialists. BC Cloud Solutions service staff hold Google certifications either as Google Certified Deployment Specialists, Google Certified Change Managers or Google Certified Sales Specialists.
  • Expertise migrating third party email archive solutions to Google Vault
  • Google Apps third party application integration expertise
  • Google Apps for Work Training curriculum for both Admins and End Users
  • We are Identity Management experts who routinely implement Directory, SSO, Password Management, and Automated Provisioning workflows. We have expertise in a number of leading edge Identity Management solutions including Active Directory/FIM/ADFS, Ping Identity Federated SSO, and the Microsoft FIM/ILM product.
  • We have experience in Directory Sync tools that provision Google Apps from Active Directory with delegated management.
  • We will begin Google Apps migration project with a thorough requirements gathering and design review. The outcome of this review will be a detailed project plan and solution validation document.
  • We offer a set of Standard Migration and Deployment packages suitable for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB's) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's). For large enterprises we offer customised deployment and migration project proposals.
  • We can help you to evaluate whether Google Apps for Work can help your business with its messaging and collaboration requirements.
  • Our track record includes many successful implementations of Google Apps and Google Postini Services. Please review some of our case studies.
  • For Enterprise Deployments we use industry standard project management standards and methodologieshucn as PRINCE2, CPM and or PERT.
  • We use Google Enterprise recommended Deployment Methodologies that ensure project success.
  • We manage each Google Apps for Work Deployment project with a Project Management System that our clients' stakeholders have access to throughout the life of the project.
  • We are a Google Apps Authorized Reseller and a Google Partner. We are certified to deploy, support and train organisations and enterprises of any size.

Success in a migration of collaboration assets is contingent on both a high quality technical execution as well as a thorough and comprehensive change management and communications plan. These two elements have an almost equal impact on the perception of success in both the IT and user communities.

Our goals for technical execution include minimizing the time of co-existence, providing high fidelity transfer of data and avoiding any unplanned system unavailability. BC Cloud Solutions reduces the time of co-existence by executing high velocity cutovers that are typically only limited by the availability of support staff for the day of the event. High fidelity migrations are achieved by selecting the best of breed migration tools for the platforms involved in any given migration and unplanned unavailability is reduced or eliminated by thorough testing, planning, and communications prior to production migrations.

Messaging migration projects are almost always unique in their impact on user’s daily work experience. For many people, their email client is the software where they spend the most time and with which they have the most personal connection. BC Cloud Solutions assists clients by developing a communications, training and change management plan that will ensure that all stakeholders have the information that they need to ensure a well received and successful migration.


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Email & Data Migration

When making the transition to cloud-based solutions for messaging and calendar, we know that one of the top priorities on any IT Department's To-Do List is the safe, secure transfer of legacy company data. BC Cloud Solutions’ migration team have spent years honing a precise, dependable process for migrating everything from archived emails to calendars, contacts and other key data sets to Google’s secure Cloud servers.

With BC Cloud Solutions, You Can Migrate to Google Apps for Work Gmail from…

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Zimbra
  • Another Google Apps Domain
  • Other Messaging and Calendar systems


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Google Apps for Work Email Migration

BC Cloud Solutions is a leading Google for Work Partner. We provide a migration program and service designed to support organizations looking to deploy Google Apps for Work as their hosted email service. We have expertise in leading email platforms from Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, Novell Groupwise and other email servers, so we are well placed to assist you in your migration.

This service migrates the customer from their existing legacy mail servers (Microsoft Exchange 2003, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, Novell Groupwise or other email servers) to Google Apps for Work Email. The service has variants suitable for small businesses, mid-market and distributed Enterprise customers. BC Cloud Solutions provides fixed price migration packages for most scenarios, ask for a quotation or ask for a technical specialist to contact you to discuss your interest or arrange an evaluation.

Our Google Apps Email Migration Service includes:

  • Suitability Assessment stage allows go/no go decision. Assess suitability without affecting existing Mail Server
  • Development of a technical and user migration plan with your IT team
  • Managed transition and deployment process allowing staged transition from existing mail-server(s)
  • Migration Evaluation and execution from your existing mail server.
  • Training and change Management programs
  • Help Desk & Support

The first step: Email Suitability Assessment

The BC Cloud Solutions Suitability Assessment service is a short engagement with our consultants. The objective is to help you evaluate whether Google Apps for Work is right for your business, to identify and document any integration issues, to undertake a short user experience exercise.

The output is a fully costed high level deployment plan. During the exercise BC Cloud Solutions will provision and configure a standalone Google Apps for Work Account for up to 10 users on your company domain with dual delivery to both your existing mail-server* and to Google Apps for Work Email. This allows you to assess the suitability of Google Apps for Work Email without affecting your corporate email flow.

Data Migration
File Server Migration to Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to store, access and manage your data on Google’s immense storage infrastructure. It’s everywhere you are, on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. Migrating your organization’s data off of file servers and into Google Drive eliminates the need to manage, maintain and pay costly fees for on-premise file storage systems such as Network-Attached Storage (NAS), Direct-Attached Atorage (DAS) or SAN (Storage Area Network). Furthermore, migrating your data to Google Drive eliminates disaster recovery concerns and creates an instantly-searchable archive of all your organization’s data.

Google Drive also enables businesses to eliminate the need for and migrate from Open Source file storage systems such as Openfiler, FreeNAS, NAS4Free, CryptoNAS, NASLite, Gluster, Openfiler, OpenMediaVault, the Debian-based TurnKey File Server and NexentaStor, built on the Nexenta Core Platform.

BC Cloud Solutions can help your organization consolidate business data such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, videos, and miscellaneous files of various types into a more searchable archive safe from corruption, natural disaster and theft.

BC Cloud Solutions can help your organization to...

  • Migrate from Barracuda Cloud Storage to Google Drive
  • Migrate from iDrive to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Carbonite to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Storagegate to Google Drive
  • Migrate from IBackup to Google Drive
  • Migrate from OpenDrive to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Livedrive to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Fileden to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Crocko to Google Drive
  • Migrate from SugarSync to Google Drive
  • Migrate from JustCloud to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Flipdrive to Google Drive
  • Migrate from iStorage 2 to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Adrive to Google Drive
  • Migrate from FileFactory to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Box to Google Drive
  • Migrate from ElephantDrive to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Mozy to Google Drive
  • Migrate from CloudBerry to Google Drive
  • Migrate from Filecamp to Google Drive
  • Migrate from BlackBlaze to Google Drive
  • Migrate from CrashPlan to Google Drive
  • Migrate from SOS Online Backup to Google Drive
  • Migrate from ZipCloud to Google Drive



  • Migrate all types of files to the cloud
  • Maintain domain access permissions and settings
  • Access up-to-date versions of your files anywhere with Google Drive
  • Multi-device access to data (PC, MAC, IOS, Android, RIM, and Window's devices)
  • Powerful, secure and reliable


Data & File Server Migration Process

  • Analyze Customer Needs
    Ensure that the client's environment meets system requirements. Gather required information, such as total data size, within the file server and the client's desired migration time frame. Determine the number of shared drives needing to migrated. Coordinate with the client to confirm the time frame of the migration
  • Customer Environment Configuration
    Work with the client to configure Google Apps Drive to accept migration of data sent by the File Server Migration to Google Drive tool. Ensure user accounts are created for all users for whom a Google Drive is needed. Identify the storage requirements for the organization
  • Data Migration and Deployment
    A BC Cloud Solutions engineer will install and deploy the migration tool. Appropriate configuration will be made by said engineer depending on the client's environment

Note: 10GB individual file upload size limit. Standard 5GB of storage per user (additional storage may need to be purchased).

Customers wishing to use the sevice need only take a few steps in order to assure a seamless and timely migration of data from traditional file servers to Google Drive. BC Cloud Solutions will deploy a lightweight and powerful enterprise grade migration tool with your enironment.

Email Archive Migration to Google Vault
Email Security, Archiving and Compliance requirements

BC Cloud Solutions can help your organization meet security, archiving and compliance requirements by consolidating business email into Google Apps Vault, a more searchable archive safe from corruption, natural disaster and theft.

BC Cloud Solutions can help your organization to...

  • Migrate from EMC data archiving and backup recovery solutions to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from FuseMail Email Archiving Solution to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from AppRiver Email Archiving & Compliance to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from Global Relay's Message Archiver to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from GFI MailArchiver to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from Postini to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from Symantec MessageLabs to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from Proofpoint to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from On Premise Archive to Google Apps Vault
  • Migrate from McAfee Email Gateway to Google Apps Vault

Change Management

Change management is an organizational process aimed at helping change stakeholders to accept and embrace changes in their environment. In a Google Apps for Work Deployment Project context, change management refers to the management process wherein changes from a legacy Email Messaging & Collaboration solution to Google Apps for Work is formally introduced and approved.

At BC Cloud Solutions, we use industry standard and best practice Change Management structures and tools to control our client's organizational change effort. The goal is to maximize benefits and minimize the change impacts on workers and avoid distractions.

Tools or components of change management include:

  • Change management process
  • Readiness assessments
  • Communication and communication planning
  • Coaching and manager training for change management
  • Training and employee training development
  • Sponsor activities and sponsor roadmaps
  • Resistance management
  • Data collection, feedback analysis and corrective action
  • Celebrating and recognizing success

Click through to Learn more about Change Management.

Google Apps for Work Change Management
Break the Resistance, with Expert Guidance through Cloud Transformation

Implementation of a new messaging and collaboration system may be the most significant technology transformation an organization undertakes, affecting people and processes across every function. Transformation of this magnitude represents a unique opportunity for management to energize the enterprise, instill new skills and best practices, empower the user community, drive individual and group innovation and lead the market.

Supported by BC Cloud Solutions expertly crafted change management program, implementation of the Google Apps productivity suite is a dynamic catalyst for growth.

Drawing on our Google Apps for Work Deployment experience, the BC Cloud Solutions change management team has created a rigorous approach that combines its specific Google Apps knowledge with current change management methodology. Services include Sponsorship, Communication and Readiness activities that are designed to help ensure faster adoption, greater utilization and higher end user proficiency.

Specific deliverables can include:

  • Audience Analysis: Identify key constituents within your organization and leverage the information to ensure a successful deployment
  • Sponsorship Plans: Build and encourage leadership alignment around a single vision
  • Communication Plans: Drive awareness and ensure early, rapid adoption
  • Change Measurement Plans: Provide visibility into effectiveness and impact of change activities
  • Training Plans: Deliver the appropriate training solutions to diverse audiences

Google Apps for Work Training
Empower your users – Training is a wise investment

You’ve just provided your organization with a solution that can make them more productive. Now what? Many users struggle to adopt new technologies when training and change management is not provided alongside the deployment or implementation. When users do not understand and embrace new solutions, negativity around the implementation can grow. BC Cloud Solutions ensures that your end-users— from interns to CEOs— are able to leverage your new solutions to help themselves (and the company at large!) succeed.

Training your employees empowers them to take full advantage of the productivity and collaboration tools within Google Apps for Work. BC Cloud Solutions wants to empower your people and provide the knowledge they need to use Google Apps for Work more productively. We strongly believe that if you train and empower your employees, they will embrace positive change more easily, and start to work Smarter, Better & Faster. Going Google and providing the right training will pay dividends in improving your business over time.

BC Cloud Solutions training and change management services ensure a smooth, disruption-free transition and are designed to maximize workforce adoption, utilization and proficiency. Our training is based on current adult learning methodologies to deliver relevant and engaging training. View our full course catalog and note that the services outlined can be combined to create the training solution that best meets the needs of your organization.

Everyone needs a little extra help

We appreciate that everyone has different skills and learning speeds and styles. Some of your employees will need very little help, others may need more. So BC Cloud Solutions provides Google Apps for Work Training solutions tailored to your business and employees, to ensure you get the most out of Google Apps. We can tailor your Google Apps for Work Training solution, to include self paced online training, one2one training, or on-site training, all to suit your employees needs, and to suit your budget.

BC Cloud Solutions Google Apps for Work Training Services


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All offerings are customizable to:

  • Incorporate your organization’s standards and configuration settings
  • Provide training applicable to your workforce’s needs
  • Focus on what’s relevant to your organization and industry


Moving to Google Apps can save your business money, improve and simplify your IT management. It’s key benefits are realised when your employees are empowered to use powerful Google applications that can help resolve bottlenecks in workflows and processes, and help your business work smarter.

BC Cloud Solutions can help provide the right training program and resources to evolve your IT, empower your people, and help your business grow.

Please feel free to Contact us using contact form or Call us for a no obligation discussion on finding the Google Apps for Work Training solutions that are right for your business.

Request a Quote for a Google Apps for Work Training Solution.

BC Cloud Solutions user-type-specific Chromebook training programs.

  • Administrator Training
  • Help Desk Support Training
  • DIY Online Learning Center
  • End-User Training


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Our Methodology
For Optimizing the Transfer of Email and Data to the Cloud.

BC Cloud Solutions has designed our methodology around three major phases: discovery & planning, migration of mail, data & applications and training & change management. Our project managers work directly with our customers to ensure each migration is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our experts’ combined experience across most popular mail servers makes them one of the most qualified team to successfully migrate your entire organization off of Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, Novell Groupwise, Microsoft 365, Scalix and other hosted or on-premise messaging solutions for a smooth transition to the Google Apps for Work collaboration suite. Learn about our methodology and process here.


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