Cloud Strategy & Planning

Plan Your Next Cloud Implementation with the World's Leading Experts

Strategy Workshops

BC Cloud Solutions offers consultative workshops for organizations looking for a partner in collaborative strategy development for cloud technology implementations, social business strategic initiatives and custom mobile development projects.

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CRM Advisory Services
Implement cloud and social CRM technologies to achieve results

As a result of the dual revolutions of cloud and social technologies, progressive companies now have the ability to move faster than their peers and improve sales, marketing and customer service at an unprecedented pace.

Our Point of View

Because of the rapid pace of transformation and change, cloud and social technologies require a different type of consulting firm to help you achieve and sustain success. Based on our CRM Excellence Framework and experience with thousands of clients, BC Cloud Solutions has developed a set of tailored services to help enterprises make the transition to the cloud and become social businesses. Our services allow organizations to achieve additional revenue growth, increase efficiency in service operations and marketing and improve overall customer satisfaction.

BC Cloud Solutions Services

We have created professional services specifically designed to help companies achieve positive results from cloud and social technologies: