Web and App Development

The BC Cloud Solutions Web and App Development team has successfully developed and delivered many Cloud, Website and Intranet projects for our clients. From our work with hundreds of clients across the SME. Enterprise, and Non-Profit sectors, we bring broad experience and deep expertise to your web and mobile app solutions.

Our team works closely with you to meet your business goals. We provide:

Web Applications Development
Scale from 100s to millions of users seamlessly

The hosting of application and data is one of the major points of deliberation while architecting a solution. If not planned well and early enough, it can turnout to be a big showstopper later. The Cloud has become a buzzword and a bandwagon on which everyone wants to be in for the scalability and efficiencies it offers. However, it takes experience and technical know-how to determine which cloud platform is suitable for you. We have to take into consideration the designing and implementing of the final solution. For example, there are certain APIs, which are not supported on some cloud platforms.

Selecting the right cloud platform can help your application to scale from 100s to millions of users without any hassle. With the added advantage of pay as per usage, there are no extra cost overheads. Not only does the right cloud platform help in providing a more robust experience to the users, it also takes care of unseen outages by restarting the server automatically.

BC Cloud Solutions has been amongst the earlier adopters of cloud technologies and has built vast experience and expertise around available cloud platforms. This allows us to help you identify the right cloud platform while selecting the technology stack for your project.


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Mobile Apps Development
Make mobility a part of your strategy from day one

The explosive growth in the smartphone segment cannot be ignored and it is only a matter of a few years that more visitors and business will come through mobile devices than desktops or laptops. It is, therefore, indispensable to have mobility a part of your strategy whether it is a website or a web-based application.

BC Cloud Solutions ensures that your application is ready and adapted for mobiles from day one. Right from the database design stage, we keep in mind that your application has to run on mobile devices today or in future.


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