Managed Cloud Services

BC Cloud Solutions Help Desk - Google Apps Support Service
Excellence in Google Apps support and education.

Cloud applications generally require significantly less effort to maintain due to the lack of hardware and infrastructure software. However, there may be times when your organization needs a little extra help with various administrative tasks, like provisioning users, accessing important documents and implementing pivotal security policies.

The BC Cloud Solutions Cloud Management team strives to ensure every end-user is fully equipped to maximize the value of our customers’ investment in the cloud. BC Cloud Solutions’ extensive experience with Google Apps, and other cloud platforms allows us to act as your trusted guide as your organization embarks on your journey to a more agile business in the cloud.

Communication is a vital part of any transition. Through every stage of the adoption process and the duration of our partnership afterward, our product and technical support specialists are available to answer questions and offer valuable insights about our technology solutions.

BC Cloud Solutions’ Google Apps Support

All of BC Cloud Solutions Google Apps users receive a level of customer and product support that’s guaranteed to help you maximize the value of your investment in Google Apps for Work and fully leverage the collaboration suite to drive innovation within your organization. BC Cloud Solutions was the first and is the only Google Partner to offer Google Apps Support 7 days a week.

BC Cloud Solutions’ Google Apps Premium Support Services

  • Google Apps Premium Support 7 days a week
  • Google Apps Premium Support for Clients Admins & Users via Support Portal, Email, Phone and Remote PC/MAC Access
  • Google Apps support for all 6 Core Google Apps services
  • Google Apps for Work, Education, Government Account Management
  • Google Apps Vault Management
  • Google Apps Service monitoring
  • Google Apps security management
  • Google Apps Account Organization inventory
  • Google Apps Annual management meeting
  • Google Apps Support Case Management & Monitoring
  • Open and or Escalate support cases with Google Enterprise Support. Our Partnership with Google allows us to function as your advocate on support and product related issues and concerns
  • Advanced Admin Support – Leverage expert BC Cloud Solutions’ resources to minimize Google Support tickets and reduce response and resolution time
  • Google Apps user management, user account provisioning & user account services provisioning
  • Custom Google Apps Learning Center Site
  • Simple Flat Rate Pricing per year plus Flat Rate Pricing per user per year

We understand that your organization’s IT landscape will look quite different in the cloud. Our cloud management team will help you take advantage of new features as they roll out, keeping you up-to-date and comfortable with the latest cloud technology.

BC Cloud Solutions prides itself on offering vendor-level expertise in dealing with technical Google Apps for Work support enquiries.


How Can Cloud Management Help You?
Enjoy the Benefits of a Full-Service Staff of Google Apps Specialists

  • Regular communications:
    Monthly “Keeping Up in the Cloud” newsletters and webinars are designed to deliver the most up-to-date information about the cloud. Free monthly Google Apps on-boarding training webinars are also offered for your organization’s new employees or for those who simply need a refresher.
  • Customized support:
    Our cloud management team provides advanced administrator support, and conducts strategic business and technology reviews regarding cloud evolution and how it relates to a client’s business.
  • Google support escalation and advocacy:
    The BC Cloud Solutions team ensures that your organization’s support cases are more quickly addressed within our partner organizations.
  • Account management and annual health check:
    Every customer is important to our cloud management team. We make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their Google Apps and Salesforce licenses every step of the way.

Enterprise Cloud Services
Managed and highly secure cloud solutions for the enterprise

Take advantage of the BC Cloud Solutions Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio of offerings which provide enterprise class, managed and highly secure cloud solutions designed for enterprise workloads. We support your business infrastructure and applications in a flexible, scalable, automated and globally consistent IT environment.

It is a managed cloud structure. You do not have to manage your own data center, or invest in hardware or software. We offer a wide range of modular services that help you form a common IT foundation to meet your changing business demands.

BC Cloud Solutions delivers on our commitment to operational excellence so you can focus on your core business.

Enterprise Application Hosting Services

Your company needs to run critical applications to survive, but the cost of provisioning and maintaining your IT infrastructure hurts the bottom line. You can choose to upgrade to remove concerns about application security, reliability and performance to alleviate the burden and drive better bottom line results With BC Cloud Solutions Enterprise Application Hosting, our specialized experts run your critical applications infrastructure for you, protecting your critical data and ensuring its availability when and where you need it.

Your company is looking for a way to reduce the complexity of its IT environment while dealing with the struggles of application modernization. You also want to make sure your applications are available and responsive. How are you going to accomplish these goals with declining budgets and increasing pressure to perform? Increase your speed to market by focusing on your main business; and rest assured knowing your vital infrastructure is in capable hands with BC Cloud Solutions.

Building on your IT infrastructure foundation

BC Cloud Solutions Enterprise Application Hosting provides your company with the building blocks to successfully run all of your critical applications. From network support to server and storage services, our experts help you make the most of your resources. With particularly deep knowledge of SAP and the Oracle applications family, we provide world-class hosting capabilities that your company can rely on.

Our experts will increase the performance and availability of your applications delivering 24/7 reliability. They will also reduce the complexity of your IT by making sure the right people are in key positions to make your applications run smoothly.

We help your company be more innovative by freeing up capital that was once spent on managing the IT asset lifecycle. Whether you run SAP or applications in the Oracle family, we provide you with trusted hosting services. And if you need a custom solution to handle legacy software, our experts can design a unique environment for you.

BC Cloud Solutions offers applications hosting to fit your business needs. Outsource your server and get all of your apps in the Cloud in one central location with SSO. Hosting the full suite of products from popular manufacturers such as Thomson Reuters, Intuit, Microsoft, CCH, and Sage as well as small industry specific or proprietary software. Our Application hosting service is dynamic because at BC Cloud Solutions we build customized servers for your business.

For a growing number of Small and Medium Enterprises, the journey to cloud computing begins with a private cloud implementation built on Hosted Servers and System Center technologies. A private cloud transforms the way your business delivers and consumes IT services. By creating a layer of abstraction over pooled resources, a private cloud enables true service capability as well as optimally managed application services.

A BC Cloud Solutions SME's private cloud solution offers new levels of agility, focus, and cost-savings for SME's. By building a private cloud hosted by BC Cloud Solutions, you will soon realize transformative benefits.

What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a new model for IT delivery. It transforms your IT resources to enable the key benefits of cloud computing:

Pooled Resources

In a private cloud, your key hardware resources, compute, storage, and networking are pooled and abstracted into units that enable you to dynamically provision and scale applications and resources.


Deliver applications and resources as services. Your customers can request, configure, and manage IT services through an interactive portal that allows for automated provisioning.


Resources can quickly be expanded or contracted through automation or workflow, so IT services can be scaled up or down almost instantly to meet business requirements.


With resources as services, usage can be metered so that you and your customers pay for only the resources that are actually consumed.

Learn how to build a private cloud environment and transform the way you deliver IT services to your business.


Private Cloud Benefits:

A BC Cloud Solutions private cloud transforms your business. You can now get true cloud computing capabilities that help deliver new levels of agility, focus, and cost-efficiency. A BC Cloud Solutions private cloud provides a range of powerful benefits across your IT environment.

All About the App

To gain a real edge, you need to go beyond just managing infrastructure. You need to manage your applications in a new way. A BC Cloud Solutions private cloud helps you deliver apps faster, keep them up and running more reliably, and ultimately enable more predictable service level agreements.

Foundation for the Future

Cloud computing offers the promise of new levels of agility through advanced capabilities, ultimately opening new avenues of innovation for your business. The BC Cloud Solutions private cloud enables a flexible, highly-available infrastructure that can scale to meet the most advanced enterprise requirements. With built-in automation and new file and storage services, you can realize greater value from your investments.

Cloud on Your Terms

The move to cloud computing involves more than just building a private cloud. The challenge is to build the right mix of private and public cloud solutions for your business, one that will work for you today and in the future.


Virtual Server Solutions to host all of your Applications, Data and Users in One Central Location

Private clouds offer an ideal way to solve some of your organization's biggest business and technology challenges. A private cloud can deliver IT as a service. This helps reduce costs, raise efficiency, and introduce innovative new business models to make your enterprise more agile and efficient while simplifying its operations and infrastructure.

BC Cloud Solutions offers you an integrated foundation for your private cloud.

Speed implementation of your private cloud by using prevalidated, presized, and integrated resources that combine Cisco Unified Data Center and networking solutions with a range of industry-leading storage, virtualization, and management components.

BC Cloud Solutions offers an all inclusive Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting option that allows you to host your applications, files, folders and users in one central location. Saving you approximately 70% on IT.

Private Cloud Solutions include:

  • All Inclusive Servers
  • No Storage Fees
  • Offsite Backups
  • 3rd Party Applications Hosted
  • Includes the e-Dashboard
  • Workflow Management
  • QuickBooks Hosting
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Document Management & Storage
  • Letter Drive on your computer
  • Windows Server License Included
  • Customized access for each user
  • Private Label

Benefits to your Company:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan with Nightly Backups and Security
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Full Desktop version of QuickBooks in a Multi-User Environment
  • Allows you to simplify the accounting process
  • Freedom & Flexibility
  • Only you and your users on your server
  • Faster tech solutions
  • More Private Label Features
  • All in one virtual office solution
  • Exchange Hosting to Your Mobile Device with Shared Calendars, Contacts and Tasks