Our Executive Consulting Services

BC Cloud Solutions’ one stop shop approach gives you a single touch point for everything you need to keep your Organization safe. No more worrying about compliance in HR or taxes; no more managing multiple vendors for insurance, finance, and accounting. You can even get part-time CFO services for help with raising the next round of financing. We cover all Essential Business Services so you get a single, well-coordinated source taking care of all your back office needs.

We establish and manage your operations

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Financial Planning

Your BC Cloud Solutions team prepares both fundraising and annual financial plans to calculate your burn, and forecast your monthly runway.

Board Meetings

Your BC Cloud Solutions CFO presents company financials to investors and board members at every meeting.

People Operations

Your CPO is your partner on all things People not only to help you mitigate legal risk but also to ensure your company and your employees are growing and thriving.

Payroll and Benefits

C Cloud Solutions runs payroll for all your employees. We work with you to select and implement a competitive benefits package and manage all of the administration and compliance for your company.

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Revenue and Expenses

BC Cloud Solutions tracks your revenue, manages collections, and ensures proper revenue recognition. Vendor payments and employee expense reports are processed daily by your BC Cloud Solutions team.

BC Cloud Solutions manages your Information Systems & Technology

Accounting, Finance, HR & Administration