Our Recruiting Services make finding your next team member simple

Attract top talent with our start-to-finish recruiting solutions, so you can make your next hire with ease and assurance. We can either work side-by-side with your staff to find the right candidate, or own the entire hiring process ourselves. Our experienced team of recruiters will draft job descriptions, source candidates, conduct phone screens, schedule interviews, and even coordinate travel logistics. We specialize in engineering, sales, and a wide variety of administrative roles. Ultimately, BC Cloud Solutions’s recruiting support services will reduce your cost per hire and time to hire, and enhance the overall recruiting experience for both candidates and hiring managers.

Our Unique Process-Oriented Approach:

  • Setup

  • Source

  • Screen

  • Schedule

  • Select

Recruitment Services


Our recruiting solutions get you to the best hire, quickly. First, we get specifics from your hiring managers to create job descriptions, screening and scoring criteria, interview questions, and more.


Our recruiting team will build a strong candidate pipeline by sourcing from various job boards and social media platforms, and seek out candidates that otherwise wouldn’t be found.


Let us do the talking. Our recruitment support services handle phone screens and provide initial candidate ratings, so you get a curated list of prospects ready for the first round of interviews.


Our full-service recruitment support team works with your hiring managers to provide candidate assessment and guidance, and will even schedule interviews to move the process steadily forward.


Ready to make an offer? Our veteran hiring team will help you make the best selection for experience, skill, and cultural fit to round out your team. We can assist in offer negotiation as well.

recruitment AUTOMATION platform

Automate your routine hiring tasks. Increase recruiter performance. We enable businesses to cut costs, increase productivity by automating business processes and utilizing a custom recruitment automation platform built for high volume recruitment in service industries.

Automated recruitment process

We apply Business Process Automation (BPA) in our recruitment processes and workflows and this enables customized candidate engagement throughout the hiring process. We automated self service interview appointment scheduling making hiring a breeze.

Custom Hiring Processes

Automate and configure every stage of your hiring process. Update workflows with drag-and-drop tools.

Everything in One Place

Seamlessly manage your recruiting funnel with a holistic view of all applicants across job openings. Get clear insight into all applicants and their current status in the recruitment process.

Effective Onboarding

Set your new hires up for success by getting new hire agreements, employee handbooks and tax forms like I-9, W-4, WOTC, signed in the cloud. Upload training materials for review and track status of completion so they’re prepared on their first day on the job.

Security & Compliance

Ensure the safety and security of all of your candidate and employee data with our robust privacy, security and data protection practices.

Bring on the Best Talent And Retain Them

Finding the right people to round out your team can be a challenge, but we take the stress away with our start-to-finish recruiting solutions. We help you create job descriptions, source candidates, recruit talent and onboard your staff members -- all for a fixed flat fee.

Outsourced recruiting services - Complete recruiting support services

Our recruiting support services team cuts the time it takes to find top talent by creating targeted job descriptions, screening potential hires and evaluating their skills based on your pre-set parameters.

Recruitment solutions - Cost-effective recruiting solutions

Our cost-effective recruiting solutions allow businesses of all sizes to bring on new talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff members on your own. We provide an end-to-end solution to solve your staffing needs.

Outsourced recruiting services - Offer negotiation

Our recruiting solutions for SMBs enable us to help you craft the best offer package that will inspire recruits to join your team.

Recruitment services - Creating candidate pipelines

BC Cloud Solutions' recruiting services team helps you build a robust candidate pipeline, identifying talent from sources you may not have considered.