Never miss a deadline or deduction with our Tax Management Services

Be ready for tax season with our experienced team of preparers and advisors who will file your taxes accurately and on time, with the most deductions we can find for your business. Expect all stages of your tax lifecycle to be expertly handled through our tax management services — from preparation and review to filing and audit support. We also help you navigate complex and shifting tax laws so you never have to worry about being in compliance.

Tax services for small businesses and startups:

  • Federal & Income Tax

  • State Income Tax

  • International Tax Compliance

  • Local & Property Taxes

  • Sales Tax

  • R&D Tax Credits

Tax Management Services

Federal & Income Tax

Our tax processing professionals oversee every aspect of your federal taxes, from preparing your forms and schedules to unearthing the best deductions for your business to filing with ease.

State Income Tax

Our tax management professionals ensure that your state taxes are filed with care and expertise as well, and that all forms and schedules comply with your state's specific regulations.

Local & Property Taxes

We'll guide you through applicable local and property taxes for your area, ensuring the most complete tax reduction for your value, and that you stay in good standing in your community.

R&D Tax Credits

As part of our tax reduction services, we'll also evaluate your eligibility for the R&D Tax Credit as a way to reduce your tax liability and get more money back in your business's accounts.

Sales Tax

Our sales tax services help you understand state laws related to sales tax, which products are eligible, and how to implement sales tax so your business stays compliant with local regulations.

International Tax Compliance

You can rely on our tax professionals to handle the details of international tax law, and our global tax services ensure that you remain compliant when doing business overseas.

Ensure Your Tax Liabilities Are Low While Remaining Compliant

Always be prepared for tax time with year-round guidance that can help you stay on top of all regulations and payments. Our team of experts can advise and prepare you for accurate, on-time filings. We'll identify the maximum number of deductions, support you during filing time and advise you if an audit occurs. We'll keep you updated on ever-evolving tax laws so you're always in compliance with the regulations.

Tax services for startups - Precise tax services for startups

Our team of professionals will manage all tax services for startups, from identifying deductions to preparing your forms. We know the details of each region's tax laws, so we can pass that expertise on to you.

Outsource tax services - Services that go beyond income taxes

BC Cloud Solutions' tax services team can guide you through applicable sales, property and excise taxes for your area so you don't miss any deadlines. We'll keep your records completely up to date so filing is a breeze.

Tax credits & deductions - Identifying tax credits

We can evaluate your bookkeeping to determine whether you're eligible for certain tax credits, allowing your startup to lower your tax liability when applicable.

expertise in US taxes and global tax laws - International tax expertise

Our tax services team members have expertise not only regarding US taxes, but also on global laws. Whether you do business domestically or overseas, we can help you stay on top of your tax obligations.