Make sure you’re covered when you need it — and even when you don’t — with our Business Insurance Services

You've worked hard to build your business. Now keep your workplace and your employees protected with our extensive commercial insurance knowledge and legal expertise. Stay ahead of shifting requirements for workers comp and malpractice claims, and get peace of mind from knowing you’re consistently protected from lawsuits, whether personal injury, property damage, business liability, or patent protection. Speak to our legal counsel whenever you need to — we're available around the clock.

Insurance For Small Businesses and Startups:

Employee Benefits

  • Life & Disability

  • FSA, HSA & HRA

  • 401(K)

  • Group Medical, Dental & Vision

  • Commuter Benefits

  • Ancillary Benefits & Employee Perks

  • Pre-paid Legal

Business Risk

  • Workers Compensation

  • General Liability

  • E&O & D&O

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Franchise Insurance

  • Cyber & Crime

Insurance Outsourcing Services

Employee Benefits

Life & Disability

Our team is fluent in the various insurance options available, and can help you set up the right life and disability insurance plans for your employees, to protect them when they need it.


Choose the best options for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) so your employees have new ways to save their dollars.


Provide for your employees after retirement with a 401(k). We research the best options for you, and facilitate enrollment and payroll contributions for your employees.

Group Medical, Dental & Vision

Our business insurance services guide you to the best benefits offerings for your employees' needs, including medical, dental, and vision. We even manage enrollment and payroll deductions for you.

Commuter Benefits

Give your employees a multitude of options for commuting to work, through subsidized transit passes, carpool rewards, or other sustainable options like bike sharing.

Ancillary Benefits & Employee Perks

Let us find the best options for ancillary benefits like pet insurance or wellness benefits, or employee perks like tuition reimbursement or childcare that can increase employee engagement.

Pre-paid Legal

Provide the opportunity for your employees to access legal counsel on taxes, real estate issues, separation and divorce advice, and more through pre-paid retainer services.

Business Risk

Workers Compensation

Our commercial business insurance team will connect you to the right licensed insurer so you can set up workers compensation quickly and easily to protect your employees.

General Liability

We can advise you on how general liability insurance can protect you from claims, including personal injury, property damage, medical costs, and more, so your business is thoroughly protected.

E&O & D&O

Ensure coverage for unexpected malpractice claims with the right business liability insurance, either in the form of Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance or Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Make sure you and your employees are covered in any instance of wrongful employment liability, including wrongful termination, discrimination, breach of contract, and more.

Intellectual Property Protection

Your ideas and creativity are what built your business. Ensure that your intellectual property — from trademarks to copyrights to patents — are protected as your business grows.

Franchise Insurance

Our team of insurance experts also advises franchisees on the best options for their insurance plans, and establishes the right policies and roadmaps for their new business.

Cyber & Crime

Protect your business and its revenues from data breaches, impersonation, system security failure, and forgery by implementing the best cyber and crime insurance for your business.

Protect Your Business With Comprehensive Insurance Policies

You've invested a lot of time, money and effort into building your business -- now get the peace of mind that comes with a total coverage plan. Our experts will guide you through the types of insurance you need now, and the coverage you may need in the future as your Organization expands.

Insurance Services - Total solution for your insurance services

Ensure that your business, inventory, workplace and staff members are protected with our extensive commercial insurance services and legal expertise. We'll take care of all of your insurance-related needs so you can focus on scaling your business.

Insurance Protection Assets - Protection of your assets

Your business is predicated on the unique idea you had when launching -- so now is the time to protect it by investigating which types of intellectual property programs might benefit you. We select all the insurance services that your SMB might need.

Insurance Legal Protection services - Legal protections for startups

Your staff members can get the answers to their insurance and legal questions around the clock, thanks to our pre-paid insurance services for startups.

Insurance Crime Services - Cyber and crime insurance services

Data breaches, security failures and forgeries happen every day. You can protect your business and its revenues with the best cyber and crime insurance services available.